What? Still Alive?

It’s true!

Despite an almost complete disappearance from the wordpress community over the last couple of months, I have not actually died. I have just been very busy finishing up my undergrad and pretending to go on about my adult life. Unfortunately, my current unemployment status begs to argue with the fact that I am actually an adult and not one hopeless bum.

But alas, my recent unemployed status has given me nothing better to do than mess around with fondant, cupcakes, and other delicious treats. And the primary beneficiaries have been the boyfriend’s coworkers. It seems like at least once a week now I load up the cupcake carrier with things I made to test out a recipe and have no interest in eating (at least, that I should have no interest in eating…) and send him on his way.

And, surprisingly enough, it has resulted in a limited amount of business and cupcake requests. Over the last couple of months, both of his bosses contacted me to ask me to make cupcakes for events they were hosting or going to. Which resulted in me making some cupcakes based on the kids movie Cars and some barnyard cupcakes (I’ll include some pictures).

Recently, I’ve been fiddling around with cake pops because…I mean, what else do I have to do? Spoiler Alert: they’re time consuming and a total pain in the ass. I’ll make a separate post about them with some step by step instructions if any of you are actually silly enough to decide that you’re going to make them. Don’t worry: I’ll be sure to include the frustrations you are sure to encounter so that nothing will catch you by surprise.

Thoughts? Questions?



If A Zebra’s in the Zone, Leave Him Alone!

Well friends, here it is!

I’m very proud to present to you pictures of my finished project. I mentioned the Madagascar cake in my last post, but I didn’t have much chance to upload the pictures of the cake until now. (Unfortunately, being a college student means I’ve got this unfortunate thing to deal with called exams…)











The cake as a whole probably took…I don’t know. A long time. I started work on the fondant/gumpaste sculptures the weekend before the cake was needed for the birthday party so that they would dry out in time. Of course, then I also got lazy and took a couple of days off before finishing the rest of the sculptures. But work resumed on Tuesday and I dropped the cake off on Friday. So between those days, most of the work was done. If any of you are ever in a situation where you’re making a cake that has tons of green leaves and other such things, I definitely and absolutely recommend that you buy cookie/fondant cutters that are in the shapes of leaves (Hobby Lobby and other craft stores sell them – I found a three pack that had a really small leaf and a really big leaf for like $2.50) and an imprint pad. Wilton makes these handy things for gumpaste flowers and stuff that let you press the veins into a leaf in one swift motion. It’s much, much easier than trying to vein a leaf by hand and it makes the leaf look much more real.

This is the first cake that I’ve completed based on my own design (I actually sat down and drew one out! I was very proud of my ambition 😉 ) and it almost looked like my design! There were a couple of things I ended up having to leave off just because I didn’t have time to make them out of gumpaste and have them dry (and I also didn’t have enough space on the cake. I definitely had too grand of plans when I initially decided what I was going to do.)

Thoughts? Questions?