100 Projects

So I finally have an update for the blog…if there are any readers left. 

I recently graduated (May) and have been on the hunt for a job ever since. In the mean time, in order to both occupy myself and keep others from going insane because I won’t stop bothering them with my unemployment, I’ve kinda taken it upon myself to start trolling pinterest and etsy. Pretty hardcore. 

No, I’m not posting mean comments or anything like that; I know typically that’s what trollers are best known for. I’ve mostly been hunting down projects like it’s my job. I suppose my unemployment mentality is “Oh, that looks awesome! I can do that…” 

Something I am sure the boyfriend is less than thrilled about. He seems to be coming home to a new project every day. In my defense, a majority of it is related to our upcoming wedding. He should be glad that I’m spending the time working on projects that are ultimately saving us money. At least, that’s how I’m justifying it to myself. 

So the projects coupled with my baking and amateur decorating have led me to assign a new challenge to myself. I think, during this unemployment time while I am waiting for ANY sort of job to contact me, I am going to try to accomplish as many projects as I can. The ultimate goal is 100 and the projects I’m including are decorations for the house, sewing projects, and cake projects. 

Maybe I’ll finally learn how to make a goddamn chocolate rose. And if I ever figure that one out, expect some really intense bragging on here. I’m going to be stoked. 

Luckily for you all, that seems highly unlikely. 

In the two months since my graduation, I have done quite a few of projects; I’ll start slowly posting those on here so that I can keep track of what I’ve done and what I’m counting as a “project”. 

Feel free to call bullshit if you think I’m cheating…