So several weeks ago – I know, I probably should have written about it like…at least in the same month that I actually undertook this project. But I didn’t. – I had the opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving. Which was amazing because it’s really been too long since I’ve been home and I was starting to forget what home even looked like. An exaggeration, but oh well.

Honestly though, sometimes it is difficult to remember. My mom’s very into redecorating and she’s finally got the time and the ability now that we’re not little kids anymore. So the last couple times I’ve been home, the house has been totally different.

I digress; Both my father and my little brother have birthdays in the month of November. The little brother’s is on the 20th, which happened to be the day that we were going out to see them and my Dad’s is on the 28th. So, being that I’m slightly insane, I decided that the best way to celebrate these birthdays would be to make a cake for my little brother, a batch of cupcakes for my Dad, and then drive them 15 hours across 7 different states.

If you’re feeling slightly impressed by me and my daring, this is a totally normal reaction and I can only thank you. If you’re thinking how stupid I must be for doing this and how crazy the people I was traveling with were for letting me do it…yes. Yes, we are.

The point of the story is that all of the cupcakes and the cake actually survived the entire trip! It’s kind of astounding. And because of the good fortune we had transporting them, I decided to share with you all some pictures of what these daring little cupcakes and brave big cake looked like.





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