Storm Support

Before I finally post my recipes from my Peanut Butter, Jelly Time! post, I want to take a minute to speak really quickly about something that doesn’t relate to cookies, cupcakes, or anything fun and delicious.

As you all know, Hurricane Sandy recently rocked the East Coast of the United States, leaving many broken, powerless, and without many options. As someone originally from the East Coast, my heart goes out to all of these people and families who have lost more than many of us can even fathom.

To show support and to help where every dollar and prayer can do more than you can imagine,¬†please take a moment of your time to peek at an online shop for relief. There are a lot of cool designs on these shirts – cause who doesn’t love tees? Especially when the designs are so sweet! – and 100% of the profit from these tshirt sales goes directly to aid Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

If you can spare the time, please look. If you can spare the change, please buy. But most important, keep those whose lives were forever changed by this storm in your mind, hearts, and prayers.



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