Hello World!

Well, I just couldn’t take that anymore. I know I’m brand new to wordpress and all, but I’m not sure I can handle seeing the welcome everytime I try to edit something on this page!

But thanks wordpress. I appreciate your gracious and welcoming attitude. Even if there isn’t much world to say hello to, at least right now.

Well, I suppose it’d be smartest to outline exactly what it is I’d like to do with this blog, at least for the benefit of any poor sap who happens to click on this page on accident. For which I apologize ahead of time. Unfortunately, my thoughts and ramblings are unlikely to interest most people.

Ideally, I’d like to use this space to show off my cake decorating. I’m no pro, just a college student with way too much time on her hands and a wonderful stand mixer that my amazing parents gave me last Christmas (where all of the baking began!). I have not taken any official classes or anything like that, but have been trying to teach myself from blogs, pins, etc. that I happened to have found during my time wandering the internet like a pro.

Anyway, I’d ideally like to post recipes, tips, tricks, and occasionally a photo or two to show if I’m making any progress (likely not!).

We’ll just have to cross our fingers and see how long my motivation lasts for.


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